10 Expert Tips To Make 2017 Your Most Productive Year Yet (#4 Is Brilliant!)


Plan it in Advance

Bosses love the person who arrives to a job first because it shows initiative. It also allows you to accomplish more. However, it is all for not if you did not plan it out in advance. It doesn’t you much good to show up early and not have a plan on what to do. You’ll basically just be out valuable sleep. Instead, plan out your morning the day before. You’ll know what to do and what you need to do to accomplish it. If you’re going to wake up early, you need to make it count.


Automate Your Schedule

It’s time to automate your schedule. If you are a busy individual and can’t seem to find time for meetings this is perfect for you. It lets people email you about a meeting and see your available time slots. Whether you are a massage therapist with open blocks or a CEO of a large company, automating your schedule will save you time and help you accomplish more.


Take a Break, It’s Good For You

Sitting in an office all day can box in your creativity. Many people do their best thinking outside of the office. Some people come up with great ideas while in the shower, while others percolate while outside, in the fresh air. Going for a walk doesn’t need to be a break from work. It simply helps get the blood and oxygen flowing in your body, which in turn can help your brain perform better (and come up with that award winning idea).


Listen More, Talk Less

If you’re talking all the time you probably aren’t listening as much. You need to listen more and talk less. The more you listen, the more meaningful what you say becomes. You’ll also learn more from others around you.



Come up with activities you need to stop doing. Perhaps it is checking social media during the work day, or visiting Amazon.com in the evening. Maybe you want to stop sleeping with your phone or putting creamer in your coffee. Come up with activities that are wasting your time, are costing you money or making you unhealthy that you can easily stop. When you create a list it is easier to stick to it.


Tackle What’s Important

Everything you do has varying importance. Some tasks are more important than others and you need to start your work day off with the important ones. If most of your work comes out of your email, you can use a plugin from Google called “Boomerang.” This categorizes the importance of messages so you know what to focus on first.


Do What You Love

Everyone procrastinates. The problem is when you procrastinate with something meaningless. Have you ever pushed off work for an hour or two, only to realize you basically did nothing in those hours? Did you really need to watch three hours of YouTube videos? It can be difficult to procrastinate, so if you do, make sure it is something you love. Spend time with friends, or go to a concert. Make a memory for yourself. Don’t kill your time with pointless activities.


Know How You’ll Respond

If you know how you’re going to respond to something at work it will help you get more done. Usually you’ll know of several possible outcomes from business meetings, interviews and actions taking during the work day. Know what you’ll do and how you’ll respond from each possible outcome. Don’t wait for something to happen and then formulate a plan. That is time wasted.


Make a Single Goal For the Day

Some of the most successful people look at a day as a way to be better today than yesterday. How will you be better at the end of the day than you were the day before? Don’t bog yourself down with a long to-do list. This will only frustrate you if the entire list is not completed by the end of the day. Instead, set just one goal for the day. This way, when you finish it, you’ll feel like you accomplished something and you’ll be able to say you are better today than you were yesterday.


Enough is Enough

There use to be an old saying that a captain must go down with the ship. This isn’t the case in the business world though. Sometimes you just need to know when to quit and walk away. There are certain tasks that will simply never work out. You need to know when to quit. The more time you put into a lost cause the more time you take away from other activities. You don’t need to simply quit because your work is getting difficult. Difficult and setbacks are different from a failure. So take a step back, look at if there are ways to improve what you’re doing, and if there isn’t, enough is enough and walk away.