Red Flags that Your Job May Not Exist in Ten Years

You Analyze Data

1 You Analyze Data job loss work

If you analyze data for your job, you may want to watch out. No matter how good you are, computers will always be able to do it faster and with fewer errors. So, if you crunch numbers, there is a chance your job will not be around within the next decade. Of course there are exceptions, but always know when analytics come to play, computers will always be able to do it better.

Spend Most of Your Time on a Computer

2 Spend Most of Your Time on a Computer job work

Is most of your time spent on computers? Well, there is a chance you may not have a job in 10 years. Now, if you are an IT professional that is different as you are making sure the computers work, and there are other job types on computers that don’t need to worry (research work and other tasks performed on the computer will not be replaced by computers). General computer tasks though will be replaced. This is already happening around the world as cashiers, who simply controlled point of sales computers, are being replaced by self-scan registers. It still takes a person to monitor these registers, but instead of having six or eight cashiers there is just one person and six or eight machines.

Similar Jobs Have Been Replaced

3 Similar Jobs Have Been Replaced job loss work

Have you noticed other jobs that are similar to yours have been replaced by a computer (or just are no longer around)? If so it is a major red flag and you should be worried. It likely means it is only a matter of time before your job is taken. So, if you have this kind of a red flag it is time to possibly start looking for other available jobs in a different field.

Production Costs Are Increasing

4 Production Costs Are Increasing job loss work

Are production costs starting to increase for your line of work? Perhaps the business is experiencing higher costs and they are looking for ways to reduce manufacturing cost. If so, they may look to invest in computers, machinery or robots, which can pay for the investment within just a few years. Production cost often has a major influence on any monetary changes within the company, and if your company is experiencing these financial issues, watch out.

You Work Minimum Wage

5 You Work Minimum Wage job loss work

If you work minimum wage, your job is always on the chopping block. Fast food workers are often in the direct line of fire and it appears by asking for more money they have actually put an expiration date on their own jobs. Recently, fast food workers around the United States picketed for $15 an hour, which is around double minimum wage. This kind of monetary increase would force the price of meals to skyrocket, so instead of doing that many chains are starting to place automated computers instead of cashiers. Even restaurants are doing this by placing digital menus on the tables so servers are not needed, only a handful of runners to bring out the food.

You Work With Dangerous Material

6 You Work With Dangerous Material job loss work

Do you work with dangerous material? This can be hazardous chemicals or liquid metal. It is easier for companies to bring in machines to do this kind of dangerous work because,while it is more expensive to have it installed and setup, it is far less expensive to insure, plus there is no training required, just occasional maintenance.

Pinpoint Accuracy is Required

7 Pinpoint Accuracy is Required job loss work

Does your job require pinpoint accuracy? Surgeons now use computers and machines to invoke steady hands during surgery and other medical treatments, but these individuals will not be replaced in the next decade (eventually it is possible but not in the last 10 years). When this kind of accuracy is required, there is a good chance a machine is able to come in and deliver a much more accurate production.

Creativity Is Not Required

8 Creativity Is Not Required job loss work

Creativity will never be replicated by machines, at least not anywhere in the near future. It takes cognitive thought in order to do anything creative without training or repetition. You need to think about your job and whether or not creativity is required. If no creativity is required for your job, it means there will always be a chance for it to be replaced. So, if you are in the creative arts, your job is safe. While not a glaring red flag, if you can compound this issue with other possible red flags, you may have a larger problem then you believe.

Manual Labor

9 Manual Labor job loss work

Is most of your job manual labor? If so, it is a red flag for not being around within the next decade. If you work in a warehouse, machines are able to select the accurate items, move and process them much faster than a human. Even in construction, there are jobs that machines can do. Specially designed brick laying machines make laying out a brick floor easier, faster, and less expensive. All it takes is one or two people to run the machine and the rest is taken care of. Humans simply can’t compete with the weight lifting capabilities of machines.

Degree Not Required

 Degree Not Required job loss work

Does your job require a degree? When you need a degree (especially a graduate level degree) it means you need special training and knowledge to perform jobs. When you don’t have a degree it reduces the amount of training required, which means it is more likely for a machine or basic robot to come in and take the job. Receptionists at hotels and hospitals are now being replaced by robots, so if you don’t have a degree, it might be time to seek one out.