10 Solutions for People Who Sweat More than Others


Cut the Caffeine and Spicy Foods

Spicy foods do more than cause you to sweat while you eat, these kinds of foods can actually linger in your system and increase the amount you sweat throughout the day. Caffeine can have the same affect on some people. The best way to determine whether or not these foods are causing problems is to keep a food journal. This way, you’ll know what might be causing problems and whether or not you need to avoid the kind of food in your diet.


The Right Clothing

Wearing the wrong clothing can force you to feel hotter and to sweat more. You need loose fitting clothing that allows air circulation around the skin. This keeps you feeling cooler and it also slows down moisture buildup. When you work out, you’ll need to go with a wicking fabric that pulls moisture. You may even want to toss an extra t-shirt over top if you want to cover up the sweating in the gym (although it is far more acceptable to others in the gym).


Cut the Stress

Stress can play all sorts of tricks on your body. One of the issues that might come up is increasing the amount you sweat. Of course, it is one of those circles that just seems impossible to get off. Stress will cause sweating, and you might feel more stressed out because of the sweating, which then causes the sweating to continue. It is frustrating, but you can try to help reduce your stress with a yoga class, self-guided meditation CD or video (check out YouTube, there are a ton) or just try to take a bit of quiet time for yourself.


Switch the Antiperspirant

Deodorants just fix the smell. Antiperspirants are used to block the sweat glands. If the current one you are using doesn’t work, switch to a different brand (you can actually test this out with the travel sizes, so you’re spending a fraction of the price to find one that works). There are “prescription strength” options available, which do cost a bit more, but take it up a notch. If these still don’t work, you may want to talk with your doctor for an actual prescription antiperspirant. Prescription options are extreme, and while you likely won’t need it, if you do it is available to you.


Mind the Feet

You will often sweat more when your feet and hands are covered (head too, although this is usually less of an issue). It is why covering your hands and feet in the winter is so important. The blood circulates closely here so if the area is warmer, the blood will be warmer and move through the rest of your body, causing an increase in body temperature. Try to find breathable shoes and socks to reduce your sweating and foot temperature. Wearing sandals and open toed shoes can help with this a good deal as well.


Run a Fan

Do you find you sweat at night, waking up to a wet pillow? If so, turn on a fan. This helps increase air circulation over your body and really cool, you off. Also, consider kicking your feet out from under the covers as this can help prevent sweating while you sleep.


Cut the Unhealthy Habits

If you are a smoker or heavy drinker, it might be time to cut all of this out. These unhealthy habits may be causing you to sweat more (or at least are part of the problem). Even if this is not the issue, cutting these out of your daily routine will improve your overall health, which is a good time.


Under Arm Liners

These liners attach to the interior of your clothing. This will block sweat from absorbing into your clothing. This will do two things. First, it prevents the sweat stains from appearing on your clothing. Second, it helps you avoid moisture constantly around your skin, which can eventually lead to several negative side effects, such as rashes, pimples and other issues in the area.



That’s right, Botox, the skin filler used to correct wrinkles temporarily can be used to block sweating. Now, this is a temporary fix and it is something you’ll need to do twice a year or so. However, if you are more concerned about specific events coming up and you want to make sure you are completely covered without having to worry about sweating, seeing a dermatologist and having Botox injections done may be the answer.


Low Level Electrical Currents

If you really get down to it, there are some more extensive treatments to help prevent your body from over sweating. A low level electrical current is one option you may want to consider. You will need to visit your doctor and they will likely try you out on other options. They will first write you the prescription for the behind the counter antiperspirant. If that doesn’t work they will recommend a few other tips (most of which have been covered here). If none of that works, they may point you to this option. With it, you will basically be reducing the vibrancy of the sweat glands. Some of the glands will die off completely while others will just not make as much sweat. Your doctor can fill you in on potential ramification of this (you still need to sweat as it is an important feature your body has built in. You don’t want it completely destroyed). However, this is an option, should you find you need it.