10 Ways Rookies Waste Money on a Cruise

ATM Fees
Want to save cash on your cruise? One of the best ways to do that is to ditch all the crazy ATM fees! Nobody likes paying money just to access their money. So how do you avoid this? Grab your cash on the shore when you make port. Use a local bank ATM. You’ll save all sorts of cash!

Movies on Demand
Watching a movie in your room sure does add up. These things on average set you back at least $10. With so much to do on a cruise, do you really want to drop more cash on a movie? If you think you might need some movies to kill time on extended time on the water, download a few before leaving. Or in reality, take advantage of the activities taking place on the boat.

Cruise Certification
Did you love your cruise? Think you’ll likely go again? If so, purchase your cruise certification before leaving. It’ll save you money in the future.

Not Buying the Drink and Food Cards
Much like the ATMs, when there’s no place to go, you have to use what is on board. Food and drink is one of the great offerings on a cruise, unless you don’t have a food and drink card. This really adds up when buying per meal or per drink. Whether you go with the all inclusive cards or spring for the discount cards running $40 or so, you’ll save far more with the card than trying to pay by the meal.

Spa Goods
Taking advantage of the spa services on a cruise is great. However, right after the massage or facial you’ll be asked to purchase a set of spa products. These are extremely overpriced. You’ll probably end up overpaying three fold for these items. So skip the added spa goods.

There are some games for skilled players, like poker or blackjack. Then there are other games designed to just rip you off. This is even more so on a cruise than at a casino because with a casino there are other places to go. So skip the casino “luck” games unless you want to give away your money.

Pull Tabs
These are kind of like raffle tickets you buy before a show. It also has worse odds than most casino games. So just opt out of this.

Understand Sail Cards
You might attend a seminar on the cruise and take some products you think are free, only to be charged for them later. Read the sail cards and signage before taking part in any of these events.

Cell Phones
You’re over international waters, which means you’ll be charged hefty cell phone fees. So turn off data roaming. Nothing like opening up your cell phone bill and seeing that giant roaming charge. So ditch this and save the cash!

Shore Excursions
Don’t book your shore excursions with the cruise. You’ll be well overcharged. Instead, do a bit of research ahead of time and book with a company on land.