11 Keys to Success from CEOs


I Will Work To Be Better Today Than Yesterday

It is important to strive to be better, to learn something new and to do something you had never done before. Improvement usually doesn’t come all at once. It is done inch by inch. So if you can improve yourself by even one percent, or a half of a percent today over yesterday, you will know when you go to bed at night you are better off than you had been the night before.


I Will Make What is Important a Priority

It is so easy to get lost in everything going on in life that you might focus on the wrong thing. With so many distractions going on, what should you spend your time on? You need to make what is important a priority from the moment you wake up. You know what you need to accomplish or what will be essential to your success. Focus on this and let everything else become secondary.


I Will Keep Pushing the Boundaries

You will never obtain the greatness you seek if you stay within the boundaries. You need to push and prod these boundaries, stretching everything out until you reach your goals. Boundaries are there to protect you and to make you feel safe. However, stepping out of your comfort zone will help you see things with a new perspective. Like a dog pushing boundaries around a fence until finally squeezing through and making it out, you just need to keep pushing, keep searching and keep prodding. Eventually you will make it through to the other side.


I Will Stay Positive, No Matter What

With everything that goes on in this world, it is difficult sometimes to stay positive. Whether it is an event that happens in the work place or on the news, negativity happens and it is something you need to work on. You will also find that if you stay positive, others around you will be more likely to stay positive as well. Positivity can rub off on others, so do whatever you can to stay positive and the results will follow.


I Will Cultivate Deeper Connections

In order to succeed in life and in business, you need to have connections with others. These connections need to be more than just skin deep. Deeper connections help forge through more difficult times you may run into. Now, you are not going to instantly create these deeper connections. It is going to take time and something you’ll need to work on every single day. That is why you need to remind yourself to cultivate these deeper connections every day, so that day by day, you can make these connections more important and stronger.


I Will Refuse to Take Failure Personally

Failure happens to everyone. It is a way of life. Many people in business will tell you that you should expect to fail, go bankrupt or struggle with other issues. What sets you apart though is how you react to it. People who take failure personally allow this problem to linger. The one failure ends up affecting the rest of their life, their future business endeavors and can cause all sorts of other issues. You should never let one failure turn into two. The most successful leaders are those who are able to take from this and learn from failures.


I Will Help As Many People As I Can Today

While you can’t save a burning bus every single day, there are other ways you can help out. Maybe you assist in the work place where you normally wouldn’t or you offer out a favor when someone needs help. All of this can help you with a few different tactics. First, it will make you feel good about yourself. Knowing you helped someone, even in a small way, can be emotionally lifting. Second, it helps other people respect you and appreciate what you do. Third, it helps build your influence. People remember what you do for them and often will return with a likewise favor. Now, this isn’t always the case. There will be those who receive help and never ever repay you or help you. You shouldn’t do something expecting a favor in return, but you can help others to boost your influence.


I Will Appreciate People

There are all sorts of people out there who help you become who you are. If you have worked your way up the ladder, you know how difficult it is to be an assistant, an intern or the mail room guy. All of this is lower level work that receives very little in way of attention. You need to make sure they feel appreciated. Show your thanks and gratitude. Whether it is the person bringing you coffee, the guy selling bagels around the corner or someone else in the office, people want to feel appreciated, and by showing your appreciation it truly goes a long way.


I Will Live in Gratitude

When you reach the top you will have an appreciation for the work it took you to get there. You shouldn’t feel jaded when someone bad happens and instead live in the gratitude knowing and understanding what it took to make it at the top.


Accomplish Something New Today

Accomplish something new today. It may lead to bigger and better things.


Everything I Do Will Be Based in Integrity

Your integrity is one thing you can’t fake and once it is gone, it is nearly impossible to get back. People will see what you do and they will take note. You need to base everything of what you do in integrity. going the opposite way is sometimes easier, but this can come at the loss of your integrity.