14 Signs You Could be Too ‘Type A’ for Your Own Good


Over Competitive

Competition is good, but it is possible to be overly competitive. This can cause all sorts of problems within the work place, regardless of what kind of personality type the other employees are.


Over Critical

When you are Type A you are more likely to be overly critical of others. While a general critique can be helpful at times, being overly critical at all times is not good and it can cause problems with others in the office. Many times it is better to just bite your tongue, which is difficult to do for Type A personalities.


Fit Too Much Into Your Schedule

As a Type A, you want to take full advantage of your time. Due to this, you fit more into your time than you actually can fit, which may run into different problems. You might run out of time, miss out on a meeting because a previous one goes long, which may end up costing you or your company an important account.


No Joy

Most Type A professionals don’t take much joy out of their accomplishments. They might see where they can improve or they just don’t see anything positive. While this can help with driving you, it also takes away from your experience while also taking away from the experience of others within the office.


Burn Out

Because you try to force more into your schedule without taking much joy out of your accomplishments, you may find that you burn out faster. Burn out factor is a major problem when it comes to your career, potentially resulting in you losing your job or losing interest in your current job.


Intimidate Others

When you are a Type A you are generally extremely intense. This can intimidate others around you. For some, this is desirable, for others this can cause problems. It really depends who you are around, but a strong Type A is likely going to intimidate others and may cause some problems within the work place.


Multitasking Reduces Productivity

As a Type A, you try to get as much done in a short period of time. This generally leads to multitasking. While multitasking seems like a good idea, it can often result in inferior results. If you are trying to do two things at once in the office it eventually leads to reduction in productivity and will reduce the quality of your work all the way around. If at all possible, you need to try and avoid multitasking.


Anger Easily

Type A personalities become angry easily. This can be anything from disappointing results to just a perceived waste of time. Whatever the issue, if you lose your temper inside of the office or become so agitated it causes you to shut down and just lose focus on your work, it will end up causing problems not only at the office but you may end up losing your job, depending on how you demonstrate your anger. Become become angry at the office. It just happens. How you handle it and how you show it is what may cause problems.


See the Worst in Employees

As a Type A you are more likely to see the worst in someone. This can cause you to look down on someone else and it can also create animosity within the workplace as well. As is the case with many of the traits of being a Type A, you need to just not act or say anything about it, although sometimes there really isn’t anything you can do.


Cause Health Concerns

As you are more likely easily angered, it will result in higher health concerns. This includes high blood pressure and heart issues. With heart problems and cardiovascular situations, you may end up missing work because of the health concerns. While you can’t change your personality type, you can cope with it, which means finding ways to reduce this stress and the anger levels (such as through exercise).


Ask Too Much From Employees

When you want to fill so much into the work day, you may end up asking too much from your employees. When this is the case it can cause employee burnout and an elevated stress level within the office.


High Work Involvement

You do need to take time for yourself. But Type A individuals tend to over flood themselves with work. It just is your nature. However, you do need to go against your nature and schedule some time away from work where you can just rest up.


Bullying Without Knowing

Type A personalities are more likely to become bullies. Although this isn’t the school playground bullying does continue into the work place. You may say or do things you don’t even realize are bullying someone else. Unless someone says something, you may never know until someone quits (or you’re fired).


Force Workers Away

If you are a strong Type A personality, it may end up forcing workers away. Some people thrive under this kind of pressure and responsibility, while others will wilt and just look for something else. It