3 Life Saving Smartphone Apps Worth Putting On Your Front Screen

1Panic Button – iUDAME (Ayudame is Spanish for “help me”)

Ever been walking around late at night and felt unsafe, your child is late coming home and you’re panicked, or you are faced with a life-threatening situation?  There are apps that may give you some peace of mind and worth putting on your smartphone’s front screen

When pressed, iUDAME calls 911 and up to five contacts stored. Available for iPhone and Android devices.  Free 30-day trial. Some features includes: If you’re in trouble, alerts your personal contacts with text, email, and robocall with the push of a button; shares your GPS location with personal contacts and 911 even when in reduced 3/4G service area; sends an alert to 911 when you can’t talk, text, or speak; and parents can keep track of their child’s location. Activate the app for your child remotely in an emergency. Cost: Free 30-day trial, thereafter $1.99 per month.