6 Ways to Save Money While You're at Work

6 Ways to Save Money While You're at Work

There’s a stigma that’s attached to being frugal. This is especially true in areas such as the workplace where gossip is rife and reputations are on the line. That being said, it’s important to note that frugality isn’t something that you should be ashamed of. At the same time, it’s possible to be frugal without being perceived as being a tightwad or mean. In this post, we’ll give you some simple tips to be frugal at work but still maintain a respectable and decent exterior to your peers.

Carpooling Always Wins

If you always drive to work, you’re most likely using up a big chunk on your money on fuel as well as car maintenance, possible parking and toll tickets as well as contributing to the growing carbon footprint. Carpooling is a no-brainer, and it reduces the stress of having to drive to work on a daily basis.

Look out for Specials

Restaurants have specials at lunchtime in particular. These meals are usually marked down with regard to price, and you can get to eat something different every day of the week if you order the special. This keeps your lunch costs down as well as sends your taste buds on a culinary adventure.

Use Coupons and Loyalty Cards

If you work close to places that give out loyalty cards, ask for one and become a regular. This way, you get to accrue points as you eat as well as get discounts on your meals. In addition, you can cut out coupons and present these to restaurants that accept them for even more savings.

Order a Shared Meal

If you have a friend who’s also into frugal living, join forces with them and ask to share meals with them if possible. These types of meals are especially popular in ethnic restaurants such as those that make Persian, Arabic, Indian or Polish cuisine. These meals not only tend to be cheap, but they are also delicious.

Limit Coffee and Cigarette Breaks

Coffee can be expensive in the long run since it adds up over a large period of time. While coffee breaks are times when you are able to socialize with other people, they are not a necessity and may even land you in trouble with your superiors. Pick a few close friends and ask them out for a drink after work every so often, and ask them to share the costs of the outing beforehand. This way, you still get to socialize but save money.

Take Advantage of the Office Resources

If you’re lucky enough to work for a swanky company that has a gym, pool and other amenities, you may want to cancel your gym membership and use the office resources to squeeze in a workout. You may also want to consider taking a hot shower and carrying an extra set of clothes that you can wear after work to cut down on the number of showers you take at home.

There are so many opportunities to save money at work. Ultimately, it all depends on a bit of inventive thinking and using what’s around you to make the best of every situation.