Does a Part-Time Job in College Make Cents?

part time job

With tuition and living expenses rising, college students all over the country are looking to make a quick buck. Getting a part-time-job can be a great way of making an extra income without the hassle of full-time employment. That being said, there are various pitfalls you should be aware of if you’d like to have a good work-school balance. This article provides you with actionable advice to help you find, keep and enjoy your part-time job.

Look for an On-Campus Job

A lot of us don’t look at the school campus as a job center. If you ask any student, they will tell you waiting tables or being a shop attendant at the corner mall is what constitutes a part-time job. However, campuses usually are treasure troves for students who are willing to be proactive when it comes to getting a job that’s both convenient and pays a decent amount of money. Make friends with your lecturers and professors and let them know that you are available for any kind of job should it appear. Volunteer and join various clubs, all the while networking with different individuals. This puts you at a unique position should a job open up. Lastly, put up flyers on bulletin boards announcing your availability and you’ll find yourself busy with one or two jobs in no time.

Don’t Overextend Yourself

The potential to make a lot of money by working a bunch of jobs may seem irresistible. That being said, you want to pace yourself in keeping with your college schedule if you don’t want to burn out and become demotivated due to the stresses of trying to keep up with everything. A great way of doing this is by easing yourself into your job by asking if you can work a few hours as you study and then increasing the number of hours worked by one hour every week. This way, you’ll find your sweet spot that doesn’t affect your balance.

Use This Ideal Job Guide to Your Advantage

There are certain jobs that work well with student schedules because they may not clash with your need to get a good education as well as socialize. Here are some of them that we recommend:

  • Freelancing – This is a no-brainer since you have the luxury of telecommuting, meaning that you don’t have to worry about moving from one place to another. Great places to find jobs include Elance and Guru
  • Babysitting – Moms are always on the lookout for affordable babysitting services. Offer this, but make sure to come for the interview prepared by researching the most common questions asked as well as dressing the part.
  • Tutoring – There are lots of college kids around campus that may need assistance with their course work as well as kids who live within the vicinity. Advertise your services by giving out flyers and posting a few at the 7-11 bulletin boards.
  • Retail – This is a great way to gain experience in areas such as patience, dealing with difficult clients and stamina, all of which you can apply to a real job situation after graduation. Keep in mind that you may need to work evenings, weekends and holidays.

With a bit of ingenuity, being proactive and looking around your environment, you’ll be able to spot numerous part-time opportunities to help boost your finances during your college years.