Check Your Pockets, Your Money May Actually Be Worth a Fortune

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Is there anything better than discovering you owe something more valuable than what you paid for it? It’s a nice feeling that doesn’t happen as often as most of us would like. Thankfully, you don’t need to go out and start investing in expensive paintings or hold onto dated bottles of wine to realize such an increase in value. You may have something in your wallet that is worth far more than the printed value. Some dollar bills, due to errors in the printing or limited prints can be worth thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. So, before you slide a bill into the vending machine, make sure to give it a once over.

Check For Strange Serial Numbers

All bills printed in the United States have some sort of serial number printed on it (so theoretically every dollar bill can be traced, to an extent). Some strange serial numbers happen to be worth more than just your standard $1 bill. Some prints to look for include:

  • Double quads on a $1 bill (such as 77774444)
  • Repeaters (often referred to as a “Super Repeater”) on a bill, where two numbers are repeated throughout the serial numbers (like 93939393)
  • Seven of a kind on a $1 bill (44484444)
  • The same number repeated seven or more times (2222222)

As you can see, it’s almost like playing an extreme form of poker, but if you see anything like this on your bills, you’ll be able to cash in for more than $1.

What Kind of Cash is it Worth?

Alright, so the prints may be worth more than $1, but is it really worth that much more? After all, do you really want to go through the trouble of tracking down someone to sell the bill to if it’s only worth $1.25? Probably not. However, these bills are actually worth a considerable amount.

The serial number is everything, so even if it isn’t one of the serial numbers listed above, anything out of the ordinary can bring in some nice money. In 2013, a man paid up to $1,000 for $2 bills containing the serial number of “07041776”.

The redesign of the new $100 bill, when it came out in 2013, ended up selling for a pretty penny as well. As it had the serial number of “..00001”, it ended up going for $15,000. Of course, having the very first of a bill isn’t all that likely, but you never know, which is why checking is well worth it.

If you’re not in the United States (or if you have a stack of bills from your European vacation from a few years ago) don’t worry, as the same thing holds true with other currency as well. Odd serial numbers are worth more money with popular currencies, such as the British pound (an eBay seller made 7,100 pounds off of a 20 pound coin a few years ago).

Basically, what all this means is you need to start checking your bills whenever you receive a new one. You never know what it might actually be worth.