How To Box Your Way Out Of Parkinson’s (VIDEO)

Alex Montaldo, co-founder of Rock Steady Boxing with Sandy Batkin, 92
Alex Montaldo, co-founder of Rock Steady Boxing with Sandy Batkin,92

Boxers train relentlessly, sometimes to near exhaustion, to be in the best shape to fight their opponent. However, there is a new breed of boxers springing up throughout the country but they are in the ring to fight an opponent they can’t see: Parkinson’s disease, a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement.

About one-million Americans are affected by Parkinson’s, for which there is no cure. In addition to pharmaceuticals, physicians have long recommended an exercise plan to patients with Parkinson’s.  What’s new is a revolutionary program using professional boxing techniques to counter-punch this neurological disorder, with symptoms including tremors, stiffness, and slowed movement. A new study by the University of Indianapolis’ College of Health Sciences shows that high intensity, multi-task boxing programs such as Rock Steady Boxing can ease Parkinson’s symptoms by building neurons and increasing dopamine absorption in the brain.

Rock Steady Boxing has over 50 centers located through the U.S. with clubs also located in Italy and others will soon open in Australia. CBS Sunday Morning highlighted the founders of Rock Steady, some of their boxers the oldest being 92, it’s techniques, and promising results.