Love Money But Hate Stress? Here are 15 Low-Stress Careers that Pay Over 70k


Materials Scientist

Average Salary: $94,000

With this job, you’ll study and research materials at the molecular and atomic levels. This is designed to help improve current products. There is a low stress level, but do note for top jobs, as is the case with many of these careers, you’ll likely need a Ph.D..



Average Salary: $104,000

There are many different paths a mathematician can follow. This might include improving current scientific techniques, studying trade methods, and a variety of different development fields. The level of education you need here depends on the kind of company you work for. A bachelor’s or master’s degree is usually enough to work for a government agency, yet a Ph.D. is usually desired for private companies and the higher-level salaries.



Average Salary: $75,000

If you have a passion for nature and enjoy studying the shifts in the earth’s surface, this might be the career path for you. There is a good amount of study, monitoring and research, yet very little of it is time sensitive, which is what helps lower the stress level. Generally, you’ll need at least a Master’s degree, although having a doctorates is desired.



Average Salary: $105,000

Want a job that doesn’t require you to obtain a Ph.D. yet still gives you the chance to make some real money? Consider becoming an economist. This you studies the economy, fluctuations in resources, not to mention look at trade possibilities. There is a large number of job types here, so you have a good opportunity of finding the right position. Plus, if you like money and want to make money with less stress, why not make it studying the impact of money on the economy.



Average Salary: $84,000

This is another math-based career path. This is the kind of job you should go after if you enjoy analyzing data. With this kind of a position you can work in a host of different industries. This includes business, science and engineering fields. Having this kind of access to different fields of work makes it an attractive career. Generally, you will need at least a graduate degree or higher to obtain the higher-paying jobs.


Agricultural Engineer

Average Salary: $75,00

This it a profession where you work solving different agricultural problems. This can revolve around working with machinery, how soil absorbs water, assist in improving crop production and a wide range of other job possibilities. This is another position where the work you focus your time on is not typically time constrained, which means less stress. You can also begin working high up in the industry with just a bachelor’s degree.


Political Scientist

Average Salary: $104,000

If the political system drives you crazy, best to stay out. With the job type you will study different political elements, strategy and the operation of the political system. If this is an interesting job potential you will need at least a Master’s degree, if not a Ph.D.


Materials Engineer

Average Salary: $91,000

Usually if engineer is in the title you will end up making a decent amount of money. Some are more stressful than others, but this is not one of them. With this career, you will work to develop new machinery and improve the manufacturing process.


Biomedical Engineer

Average Salary: $92,000

In this form of engineering you will work to assist solving problems in the medicine and biology fields. It is another career path you’ll only need a bachelor’s degree to obtain.



Average Salary: $117,300

This is a position you’ll need to dedicate some time in college for as you really need to have a Ph.D. for it. With the job your research different physical conditions, create theories and observe different experiments.


Economics Professor

Average Salary: $102,000

If you enjoy teaching and economics, this is the career path for you. Now, you will need a Ph.D. in economics, but it is a good fall back path if you can’t find something in the private sector. With a Ph.D., you can teach at the University level, which brings about nice perks, salary, and the built-in time off.



Average Salary: $107,000

If you are a lover of the stars and learning about the galaxy, you may want to consider this. Again, you’ll need the Ph.D. for it, but with this career path your observe, research and study all sorts of astronomical areas in order to either increase general human knowledge or to assist with solving practical issues.



Average Salary: $105,000

This is a career path that you only need a bachelor’s degree in. As a geoscientist, you’ll study the composition and structure of the earth.


Law Professor

Average Salary: $126,000

Generally, the only way you’ll obtain this job is if you not only have a bachelor’s degree and a law degree, but have served as a lawyer already. Being a lawyer can be stressful. However, being a law professor is easy on the stress as you no longer have cases to worry about.


Operations Research Analyst

Average Salary: $83,000

You will need at least a master’s degree here. With it you’ll use mathematics to investigate issues in an assortment of fields. This is an excellent career path if you enjoy analytics and mathematics. This is one of those career paths you’ll either love or stay away from if you are not strong in math.