5 Ways to Get Your NFL Fix-Without Paying for Cable


Break Out the Antenna

If you live in the broadcast area of your favorite NFL team this is an excellent option. CBS traditionally carries AFC games while FOX broadcasts the NFC. You can even watch Sunday Night football on NBC. Now, you’ll miss out on Monday Night Football, but if all you want is professional football, the antenna is very much a viable option. If you don’t want to install an antenna, there are other ways to get your NFL fix. One is sure to work for your particular needs.


PlayStation Vue

There are plenty of TV streaming options out there. PlayStation Vue is one of the better options simply because you have access to both local broadcasts and cable channels (with Sling, you don’t have local broadcasts, which means you’ll still need to rely on an antenna, which is great if you’re in a more populated area, but not so great if you live in a rural part of the country). PlayStation Vue gives you access to all ESPN channels (which means Monday Night Football), Fox stations and local broadcasts. And don’t worry, you don’t need a PlayStation to use it. PlayStation Vue works on Roku, AppleTV and other streaming devices.

There are now other streaming options to consider. SlingTV does work if you want ESPN, but you won’t get the local broadcasts, so keep this in mind. HuluTV can work as well and comes at a slightly less expensive price, but only works on a handful of devices right now (Roku and PlayStation are not supported as of yet). DirecTV Now is another option as well. Whatever you decide to go with, most streaming services offer a free trial, so you can always test each out and see what you like the best.


Sports Bar

You have your antenna for local broadcasts. That’s great and all, but what about those Monday Night games? Why not go to the sports bar? It’s a nice way to finish up a Monday and watching the game there a few times a month is potentially cheaper than paying for cable all year.


NFL Sunday Ticket

Watching the NFL when you’re in your favorite team’s broadcast area is relatively easy (and potentially inexpensive, if not free). However, what should you do if you’re a fan of a different team? You’re best bet is order NFL Sunday Ticket. You can do this through the NFL Network, although it will cost you (potentially around $70 a month).


Switch Your Mobile Provider

Verizon Wireless does allow all of its mobile users to stream any NFL game over their phone. Don’t want to watch the big game on a small screen? Pick up a Google Chromecast. It allows you to throw the image from your phone onto your TV screen. If you’re in a relationship, maybe consider one person signing up for Verizon and the other signing up for T-Mobile (this company offers the MLB package to all customers).