Love Starbucks? Here are 6 Easy Ways to Save Cash on Your Next Visit

Ko Backpacko

Sometimes there’s nothing like a Starbucks. However, if you visit the coffee shop a few times a week it can really add up. Thankfully, there are a handful of ways to save money on each and every trip you make. Here are six easy tips to follow in order to save some cash on your next Starbucks run.

Bring Your Own Cup

Did you know if you bring your own refillable cup (or even a paper cup from a different coffee shop) you’ll have your price dropped by 10 cents. It’s not a ton, but if you go to Starbucks every day you’ll end up saving about $37 every single year.

Self-Made Latte

If you normally buy lattes at Starbucks you know you pay a premium for the beverage. However, there is a less expensive way to do this. Instead of ordering your own latte, purchase two or three shots of espresso. Now, add your own cream, sugar, cinnamon or other condiments at the service station. It’s far less and you have a bit more customization options. You can even do the same thing over ice (order two shots of espresso over ice). Again, you’ll save a substantial amount over what you’d normally pay for an iced latte.

(Almost) Free Refill

Who can stop after just one cup of coffee? Maybe you like a Starbucks on your way to work and then grab one on the way home. Instead of buying another cup of Joe at full price bring your cup back into the store. When you do this you’ll be charged $.50 instead of the normal, full price.

Two Teas For the Price of One

When Starbucks brews its tea it makes it extra strong. It then mixes the tea with water when served. This way the equipment doesn’t take up as much space in the storefront. So, when you order a tea ask for them to not add water and then request a water cup. You can now divvy up the tea and add your own water, giving you two teas for the price of one.

Rewards Program

It’s pretty straight forward. Join the Starbuck’s rewards program. After 12 purchases, your next is on the house (and that includes food). You’ll even land a free beverage on your birthday.

Ditch the Ice

When ordering an iced beverage, ask for either ice on the side or no ice. The beverage is made chilled so it will still be cold. However, the ice takes up most of the cup. So, if you get ice on the side you’ll end up with more beverage. You won’t technically save money, but you’ll get twice the amount of beverage for the same price.

By taking advantage of these six different tips, you’ll save money whenever you go to Starbucks. No matter where you live or how often you visit, you are sure to love Starbucks even more, now that you can go and spend less.