The Best Crossovers – Cars That Save Money and Hassle

The Best Crossovers – Cars That Save Money and Hassle

Cars like the Buick Enclave, Ford Edge have lately been doing incredibly well for their respective manufacturers, and have very much set the trend for the automobile industry. At the moment, any crossover or mini SUV is almost bound to fly out of the showrooms and it seems that more and more people are converting to this way of thinking.

So what is it about these small crossover vehicles that makes them so popular? And what are the best crossover vehicles on the market right now?

Read on and we’ll take a look at just why the crossover SUV is so popular in the automotive industry. In particular: how does this car save you money?

The Benefits

Essentially a crossover SUV is a small car that is shaped like an SUV while still being very compact and nimble. Often, they will offer four-wheel drive but with smaller engine sizes between 1-1.5 liters typically.

What this then gives you is a car that’s small and fun to drive around owing at least partly to its responsiveness. This, coupled with the fact that they’re highly energy efficient, means that you’ll be able to zip around urban environments without worrying about racking up a huge fuel bill or creating a lot of pollution. This is where the money-saving aspect comes in, and it’s why more and more people are choosing these cars as their daily run-arounds.

Instead of driving something massive that’s expensive to run (not to mention insure and park), you’re opting for something nimble, affordable, and practical. It’s ideal for the older individual looking to save money and get around, or the young professional who does a lot of commuting.

On top of all that, the large amount of clearance you get from a crossover means that you won’t scuff the bottom of your vehicle on curbs and you’ll be able to handle potholes with aplomb. The cars are highly robust and they have a sporty look to match often.

On top of all this, these smaller SUVs tend to be good value for money in their own right, so you’ll be able to get all kinds of nice features and extras on the inside for your cash. And the option to go off-road for family days out is always a nice bonus.

The Cons

But no car is perfect for everyone so you still need to consider the drawbacks before you settle on a mini crossover SUV.

For starters, as the name suggests, these cars are pretty mini. In other words, they tend to sacrifice boot space and they can only fit in so many passengers – so you’ll need to think twice if you have a large family or you want to take lots of people in the back regularly.

While these cars often offer four-wheel drive, they are of course not as capable when it comes to off-road capabilities as a proper full-sized off-roader (and some will struggle a great deal with even slightly rough terrain). The small engine size has to be considered here and this is also something that can be an issue if you’re driving long distances. These cars are very much aimed at urbanites.

It’s also important to ask yourself whether you like the look of the mini crossover as they are an acquired taste. Some find them a little wimpy looking owing to their small dimensions while others will find them sporty and spunky.

These cars certainly have a lot of advantages but whether or not it’s right for you will ultimately depend on your preferences and lifestyle. Take one for a spin and make up your mind!

If you do decide that the money-saving advantages of crossovers are for you, then you would do well to choose any of the best crossover cars available right now from the list below.

The Best Value Crossover Cars Today

GMC Terrain

This is a fantastic compact SUV that stands out thanks to a plush interior. The car is in its second generation following the successful 2018 model, and comes with four different trims. The base model has a 1.5L, four-cylinder engine. It’s also very affordable and energy efficient, making it a great value proposition for those that need something like this.

Kia Sorento

Kia make reliable, practical cars, and the Sorento is no different. This is an all-wheel drive Crossover with a 2.4L crossover engine. It boasts a decent EPA-estimated 22mpg when running around the city, making it a smart option for the money conscious and eco-conscious alike.

Nissan Pathfinder

If you’re looking for a crossover that has a little bit of heft behind it, then you’ll be blown away by the Nissan Pathfinder and it’s excellent 3.5L V6 engine. That generates 284 horsepower! It’s maybe not quite as efficient as others on this list though.

2020 Honda CR-V

A smart looking crossover in the electric blue, with fantastic space for both passengers and cargo. It also offers amazing efficiency with its 28MPG city estimate, and a fair asking price at just $25,050.

2020 Nissan Kicks

If it’s the best value crossover vehicle you’re looking for, then you’ll be impressed with the wonderful $18,870 price tag on the Nissan Kicks. This car tops many lists thanks to a slew of great features, excellent performance, and VERY good efficiency for urban runs (31MPG).

This is all round a great purchase from a lifestyle standpoint and certainly from a financial standpoint!