The Best New Cars in 2020 that Won’t Break the Bank

The Best New Cars in 2020 that Won’t Break the Bank

Looking to upgrade your personal transport? In this post, you’ll discover some of the best new cars available in 2020, and how to drive them for less!

When it comes to saving money on automobiles, many of us instantly assume that the best strategy will be to find a second-hand vehicle. Cars lose their value the moment they are driven out of the showroom, which means you can often get a great deal even if the car has done barely any miles! Most people are therefore not looking for a new car when they’re trying to save cash.

But this isn’t always the best strategy. In fact, buying new comes with a number of great advantages.

For one, buying new means that you will be able to hang onto the vehicle much longer. A new car should last you a good 4-8 years, meaning that it will be a long time before you need to think about upgrading. Spread the cost of your vehicle over that time, and you’ll realize it’s not such a bad deal!

There are other incentives too. For one, a new car will hold its value more than an old car, meaning that you’ll get more money back when you trade it in. Then there’s the fact that new cars tend to have fewer faults and problems. It’s not unusual to spend $1,000 on a second-hand car, only to then spend another $700 on repairs over the next year.

New cars are also more fuel efficient, cheaper to tax, and generally less hassle. You’ll also find more deals and financing options for new vehicles, helping you to spread the cost and pay less up-front. They might still be more expensive on the whole than going second hand, but once you take all of this into account, the difference probably isn’t as drastic as you may have thought!

And as a reward for spending that little bit more, you get to drive around in something that looks amazing and makes you feel like a boss. Here are just some of the best new cars of 2020 that you can get for an affordable price, but that will still prove reliable, luxurious, and great to drive.

Best New Cars of 2020

2020 Kia Forte FE

This car will only cost you $17,8901, and comes with a bunch of amazing features you’d expect to see on a much more expensive vehicle. For example, how does an 8” screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto sound?

The base model has a 147-hp engine, six speed manual transmission, and great fuel efficiency at 31/41 mpg. That’s actually the best EPA rated fuel economy of any Forte thus far.

The car looks nice too, even if it is a little no-frills. It has a friendly, rounded appearance, a relatively low profile, and a small footprint that’s ideal for tucking into parking spots.

2020 Toyota Yaris

At around $17,550 for the 2020 release, this car is an absolute steal2. The Yaris comes as either a sedan or a hatchback, and either way is essentially identical to a Mazda – but with the addition of Toyota grilles.

Or you could get the 2019 Yaris, which is still a great car today with lots of great features. The emergency breaking for example is something that any family will be particularly pleased to find here.

We’re also big fans of the design generally, and the interior is very comfortable. If you want a car that is affordable, very reasonably priced, and has no glaring flaws – then the Toyota Yaris is that car!

2020 Hyundai Accent

At around $16,000 for the base model3, this is the cheapest car on this list yet. The Accent SE has a five-year warranty (up to 60,000 miles), which means that your money will go a long way too.

What’s more, is that the Accent comes with a number of great luxury features that once again, belie the price. One particularly nice inclusion, is the remote keyless entry, which saves time and can be very useful when you have your hands full of shopping. You also get power door locks, and you can go automatic for just $1,000 more.

The fuel economy is good too, at 33/41 mpg. This is a marked improvement over the 2019 model. And once again, this is a great looking sedan that sits low to the ground and has a very modern design sensibility. The ride is smooth, the engine is quiet, and overall it’s an absolute bargain!

2020 Kia Rio

Rounding out our list is the 2020 Kia Rio. The 2019 model was a fantastic car, and 2020 brings a number of impressive upgrades4. The engine is a little small at 120 hp, but in return you’ll be getting automatic as standard and a new CVT.

It also boasts amazing fuel economy, and the same Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility – all for just $16,675.

The car looks the part too, especially in silver which is sleek and modern.

How to Get New Cars for Less

If you’re looking to get new cars for less, then there are a few things you can consider doing.

The first, is to choose the car wisely. As mentioned, there are more factors that go into the overall cost of your vehicle than just the up-front price. Things like fuel-economy and insurance will impact the total you pay over the lifetime of the vehicle, so do some quick math when making your decision.

Similarly, you should think carefully when deciding on financing options. A car loan can make a big difference to your available cash flow, but it often comes at a cost. Don’t buy into a deal with a high APR before considering purchasing on your credit card or using other strategies.

That said, if the dealer may also be willing to buy your old vehicle in order to reduce the overall cost of your vehicle. This can often get you a better deal than if you were to sell the car independently – because of course the seller wants your business!

Likewise, while these are great new cars, you can often make a big saving by looking for the 2019 or 2018 models. These will have lost some value by becoming the “older model,” but they’ll still run just as well as they did before. Whatever you buy, it will be old-hat come next year anyway!

Finally, make sure to haggle a little. It’s normal to negotiate when buying a new car, so be ready to walk away if the salesperson can’t provide you some incentive.

Closing Comments

These are just some of the best new cars available for 2020 and some of the ways you can get them for even less. Take these tips into account, and you may just be driving a shiny, new car very soon – without breaking the bank!

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