Top 10 Cities Where You Can Live Well On A $60,000 Salary

Louisville, Kentucky


Thomas Kelley

Home of the Kentucky Derby and the University of Louisville, the city of Louisville offers amenities not found in smaller cities, yet is not an overpopulated location either. With the average media base salary of $54,000 and the average home value of $137,500, is is both affordable and a great starting point for visiting other destinations throughout both the Midwest and Southeast

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City


Kansas City is a larger city that can surprise most visitors. It has a mixture of both the Rust Belt vibe of the Midwest and Northeast with a very down home feel to it as well. With a median base salary of $58,000 and the average cost of a home sitting at $147,500, there are both city and small down amenities available here.

Birmingham, Alabama


ESB Professional

For a taste of the south, Birmingham is one of the larger cities found in the deep south. With an average salary of $50,800, $60,000 goes a long way. Plus, as the average home costs around $128,000, it is a fantastic place to buy a home and raise a family.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Brad J Mitchell

Located right where Ohio and Kentucky connect with a close proximity to West Virginia and Indiana, Cincinnati is the perfect spot for anyone who loves a road trip to just about anywhere. It has large city vibes mixed with more rural options as well. This makes it great for those who love professional sports teams yet want a down home cooked meal as well. With an average salary of $57,179 and an average home value of $143,4000, it is a solid Midwestern town.

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis

St. Louis provides plenty of history without costing a bundle. The average salary is $56,896 and the median home value is $141,900. While in the same state as Kansas City, it provides a completely different feel, so checking out either city is possible.

Indianapolis, Indiana


Rudy Balasko

This is a staple Midwestern city. With an average salary of $56,000 and a average home value of $130,200, Indianapolis is an extremely affordable location. It also hosts a large share of college and professional sporting events, for those who love sports.

Cleveland, Ohio

Henryk Sadura

Cleveland is a classic Rust Belt city. It shares many similarities with another city on this list, Detroit. With historic buildings and a great professional sports offering, Cleveland is a great place to call home, as long as snow can be appreciated. With a median salary of $55,000 and an average home value of $125,500, it is an affordable town as well.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The “Burgh” is a great town to call home. With both passionate sports fans and locals who love the town, Pittsburgh is more than just a manufacturing city. It is a location with a large number of jobs and affordable housing. The median salary is just under $57,000 and the average home value is $126,700.

Memphis, Tennessee



For anyone who likes to position themselves between the Southeast and the Midwest, Tennessee is the place to be. Memphis offers some of the least expensive housing options on this list with the average home value of $112,100. Put along side the average base salary of $52,000, it is an excellent location to call home. Plus, with so much music history, it is hard to go wrong with Memphis.

Detroit, Michigan



Detroit has been through a lot but the renaissance the city is going through is truly amazing. With incredible architecture and one of the best spots venues in the country, there is much to fall in love with about Detroit. Plus, it is also home to Motown. With one of the highest average salaries of $61,500 and the average home value of $123,100 money does go farther in Detroit. With all the developing going on in Detroit, it is important to invest quickly though as property values are sure to rise in the next few years.




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