Which Jobs Have The Highest And Lowest Divorce Rate?

highest or lowest divorce rate jobWhen looking for a top job, we often focus on the pay, benefits, commute time, challenges, opportunities for advancement but often don’t consider how this position may effect the relationship with your significant other. Work-life balance should be part of any decision making process. Which jobs have the highest and lowest divorce rate?

Researchers at the Radford University used census data and a special algorithm to determine the divorce rates for over 500 careers in the U.S. The resulting percentages shown reflect the chances an individual in a particular career to experience divorce.


Dancers and Choreographers (43.05%) – The professional dancer’s lifestyle is not necessarily conducive to married life, which may be why this career has such a high divorce rate. In addition to being paid relatively low wages, which can play a significant role in causing divorce, dancers also work extremely long hours and are always on the road. Dancers do not need a college education, and lacking a college education is a factor tied to marriage happiness and likelihood of getting divorced.

Bartenders (39.43%) – This may be no surprise that with the late nights, party atmospheres, and constant flirting with individuals of the opposite sex are likely reasons for the high divorce rate of this profession. Their lack of education and age (25 is the average age) may be additional factors.

Massage Therapists (38.22%) – Massage therapy is a field that is highly dominated by women. A study conducted by Boston University, found that women who work are more likely to find themselves in divorce court than those that don’t. In addition, massage therapists spend a lot of time in close personal contact with repeat clients in private to semi-private settings. Considering that the best way to avoid adultery is to avoid temptation, this may be a large factor in the massage therapist divorce rate.

Gaming Cage Workers (34.66%) – Location and alcohol without question are the two main factors individuals in this industry have some of the highest divorce rates. Nevada has the highest divorce rates. Individuals that work in casinos are more likely to suffer from alcohol abuse, depression, and smoking, all of which could play a significant role in their divorce rate. Additionally, the educational requirement for gaming cage workers is only a high school diploma, which could be another reason this career carries such a high divorce rate.
Manufacturing -Extruding and Forming Machine Setters (32.74%) – These workers fall into two categories that quickly lead to a marriage falling apart: low rates of income and lack of a college education. Individuals in this field often experience high unemployment. Since money problems is one of the top reasons individuals get divorced, it’s no wonder why this group has such a high divorce rate.


Factors that make a marriage more enduring include having a college degree, sharing similar backgrounds, and having the same outlook on marriage, family, and kids. The following jobs are at the lowest part of the divorce spectrum.

Agricultural Engineers (1.78%) – This field requires an advanced degree and the average income is high enough to stave off financial difficulties that can often cause marriages to fail. The higher levels of communication inherent within this type of position may play a vital role in keeping marriages together, since good communication is a necessity for marital success.

Optometrists  (4%) – Optometrists have a doctorate degree and earn an average of $100k a year.  These two factors increase the probability for their marriages to work. Additionally, a number of the personal characteristics that make individuals successful as mates, also make a person successful in the optometry profession, including the ability to operate well under stress, the ability to accept criticism, and the willingness to compromise.

Military Members (3.7%) – People often perceive individuals in the armed forces have a high divorce rate. In fact, the opposite is true, members of the military are less likely to get divorced.  One reason may be that military members often spend time away from their spouses, sometimes in very dangerous situations, which may lead to the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” notion.   Military members are also trained to work hard at whatever they do, which is a characteristic that may take a marriage a long way.

Clergy (5.6%) – Clergy members often commit to work their marital problems out, a major factor to make a marriage more likely to work. Additionally, clergy act as role models for their parishioners, including providing marital counseling when asked. This higher knowledge of the benefits of honoring and respecting your spouse may play a role in keeping this group’s marriages together.
Transit and Railroad Police  (5.26%) – A number of transit and railroad police positions are concentrated in New York, New Jersey, and California, known for low divorce rates. The income bracket for this profession is best suited for a workable marriage, between $50 and $75k per year. Another factor that is crucial in keeping this career’s divorce rate low is a bachelor’s degree is required for this position.


  • Entertainers and Professional Athletes – 28.49%
  • Writer/Author – 15.92%
  • Veterinarians – 11.04%
  • Pilot – 10.96%
  • Scientists – 8.79%