6 Reasons Why 40 is a Great Time for a Career Change (Definitely #3)

The Road Less Traveled Might Lead To Somewhere Incredible

road less traveled changing your career
John And Penny

Changing your career path at age 40 may seem daunting, if not downright frightening. You’ve put so much time and effort into where you are currently, do you really want to start over? Many will tell you to just stick in the industry and ride it out, but sometimes changing your career is the right decision, not only for you but for your family. It can breathe new life into you and, unlike a 40 year old who has been working the same industry for nearly two decades, you’ll energize yourself with a fresh, new attitude. So whatever your current career is, taking the road less traveled might just open you up to some incredible surprises.

It’s Time to Take Control

time to take control


Unless you run your own business, aren’t you a bit tired of just being another cog in the business machine? You do what is expected of you and what you are told. What you do likely doesn’t differ all that much from day to day and it can leave you feeling not only mundane but uninspired. When you change career paths at 40 you are shaking free the chains of your current job and taking control of your life. Yes, it can be nerve racking and even a bit frightening, but you’ll also never feel more alive. Plus, taking control of your career will provide a boost of professional confidence you’ve possibly never had before.

Get the Rewards You Want

Change careers after 40 get rewards changing your career


The problem with staying in one particular career path or one particular company is you receive the rewards the company is willing to offer. Sometimes these are great, other times you may feel like something is missing. By switching your career path at 40, you can go after a job that offers the rewards you want. Whether you want to start your own business or move to an entirely different industry, you have a better understand now than when you first started on what to look for and desirable rewards.

Spread Your Wings

spread your wings


The world is a pretty big place. Why lock yourself down? Maybe you’ve always wanted to try and work for a Japanese firm and take in the culture of Tokyo. Perhaps you’ve been craving warmer weather with a new outlook on life and a new industry popping up in Miami just looks amazing. Life is simply too short and the world is to large for you to stay in your box. Now is the perfect time to spread your wings and experience something new. It may end up being the most important decision you ever make.

What’s the Traffic Light Saying?

what's the traffic light saying changing your career

Isn’t it great when you take the same drive you always do but you just somehow hit all the green lights. Then, out of nowhere, a yellow pops up. Do you stamp down the gas to make it, or do you take what you’ve been given and just stop? Your work life may be exactly like this. You coast along in the job, enjoying what it has to offer, but then one day, you realize everything has slowed down, and maybe you’ve even come to a stop. You’ve spent so much time in the one career path you didn’t even realize you no longer are moving. Changing your career path is like hitting the gas and taking that yellow. Yes, be cautious, but it can open you up to a brand new way of enjoying new opportunities and a new career.

The Thrill of Something New

thrill of something new

Experiencing something new and fresh for the first time is incredible. Like that new feeling of falling in love. Everything is just a bit different and fresh. You’re experiencing the same things but with someone different. It’s exciting and exhilarating. All of this is true with a new career path. When you first started, you might have felt excited and thrilled with new challenges, but now, after a decade or two on the job, it may just feel old. Like you are stuck and nothing is changing. You no longer have that thrill you loved. It doesn’t mean you need to remain in the job though and simply accept it. By switching your career path you can regain that new thrill and that new feeling of the unexpected. Even if the new career is similar to what you use to do, you’ll be experiencing these similar feelings in a brand new way, which can be incredibly exciting.