Cheap Self Storage Units Are Helping Everyone Expand Their Home

Cheap Self Storage Units Are Helping Everyone Expand Their Home

Are your closets, rooms, attic space, or basement bursting at the seams? It always seems that we are running out of space in our home to store all our stuff. While we like to buy new stuff, it’s hard to part with our old sentimental things.

Solution: Rent a self-storage unit! It’s a low-cost fix and a convenient space to secure all your valuable items, without attempting to fit them in every nook and cranny in your house.

What is a Self-Storage Unit?

Self-storage facilities are companies that allocate personal unit(s) for rent, typically on a monthly basis. There is a lot of flexibility – units range in size to meet an individual’s space requirements. Some large units can store an entire room of furniture and more, while others can be rented to store just a few items.

Storage floor plans vary – units can be housed on a ground level or be in a multi-story warehouse. Since access and security are some of the key factors to consider when storing your valuables, all facilities provide a convenient and secure environment to store your belongings. Many facilities have security fences, guards, watch dogs, and cameras systems.

24/7 access is also a key feature of self-storage units. Look for those facilities since you never know when you want to access your belongings or need to add more items to your unit. Most facilities allow you to use your own padlock, or they will provide you with your personal access key so you don’t have to wait for the storage unit attendant to let you in.

Why Should You Use Self Storage?

Self-storage is a great solution for the following reasons:

Reduce Clutter
Looking for a place for stuff you don’t want to store at your house. Some of your possessions are very valuable and sentimental, but you don’t have the storage space at your house to keep them on-site. You’ll want to find a storage unit with a climate-controlled environment that regulates temperature and humidity to safely store your prized baseball card or doll collection, artwork, antiques, and other items. Some self-storage units can also store cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and trailers.

House Renovations
Remodeling can take weeks or months. You may need to move appliances and furniture out of the way of the workers. Moving these valuable items to a self-storage unit temporarily is a great solution.

Military Life
Military families may be on the move every couple of years to a different base. These moves can be very drastic and renting a self-storage unit can be a very useful solution during the relocation.

When you Plan to Move to a New House
Moving is very stressful. Renting a self-storage unit is a great solution to ease that stress, especially if there is a time period gap between moving out of your old house and in to your new one. You can move your possessions into a self-storage unit for that time being without feeling stressed. This is a great solution so you can focus on fixing up your new house, laying new carpet or flooring, painting, etc. during this gap period. When you’re ready to move to your new home, just pick up your belongings from the storage unit or hire a moving truck.

If You’re Down-Sizing
Why not store some of your valuable possessions until you can make a decision as to what to do with those items? Self-storage is a great staging area. Take your time and sort out what items you want to pack first and then move that first load to a self-storage unit. Then tackle other areas of your home, pack up those items, and move them to the unit. You won’t clutter your old home with boxes all over the place while still trying to live there. When everything is completed and you’re ready to move to your new home, retrieve what you need or move everything in at the same time.

You’re a Recent Divorcee
If you’re moving out of the house you shared with your former partner, storing bulky items and furniture in a self-storage makes sense. It takes time to settle down in your new life and determine where you would like to live. This gives you additional time to find a new home and then determine what items will fit in your new abode. You may want to store some valuable and useful items if they won’t fit in your new home, but you may need them later on. This may be the best economical solution.

How to Find an Inexpensive Self-Storage Unit

We recommend that you research all the local storage unit companies in your area that meet your requirements. Perform on-line searches, read reviews, look for discounts, and speak with the people that run the facilities. While at the facility, see if there are other renters around and speak with them. Ask them about security, access, and any concerns they may have. Does the self-storage facility check all your boxes, such as having climate-control? Visit more than one facility so you can compare the cleanliness, office staff helpfulness, cost, promotions, and convenience.

Renting a self-storage unit is a great solution when you are running out of room in your house to store all your possessions. Your home will have less clutter, rooms will open up and become larger, and at the same time you’ll know that your other household items are being safely stored and can be accessed at any time.

We recommend that you don’t settle on the first self-storage facility you visit. The facility you select is like an extension of your home. Put together a list of all your requirements. Gather a lot of information by doing on-line research. Then compare multiple facilities, at least 3 or more.

Now that you have read the self-storage intro and considerations when renting a storage unit, it’s time to start your search.