SUV Prices Are Dropping in Los Angeles: Find Deals On These Models

SUV Prices Are Dropping in Los Angeles: Find Deals On These Models

When was the last time you saw a SUV ad on TV? They are on all the time and the prices they advertise on TV can sometimes vary drastically from the prices advertised online.

If you go to the dealership thinking the lowest price is the one they advertised on TV, chances are you will end up paying thousands more than you need to.

You should never think TV advertised prices are the lowest – many new car dealers advertise internet only prices which can save you money (plus this is best time of year to be searching when dealers are left with no choice but to sell their unsold inventory).

Supply and Demand

Let’s face it, in today’s economy, SUV sales have been down in the wake of The Great Recession. As the economy slowly got better, SUV sales picked up a little. However, that growth is now stalled and the industry is believed to have already peaked. GM and Ford, the two largest automakers in the U.S., both saw declining sales last year1.

What Does That Mean For You As A SUV Buyer?

It means that dealerships are more desperate than ever to sell unsold SUVs on their lots. These days some SUV dealers begin getting their new year vehicles 6 months before the year ends – just making the problem worse. Each dealerships unsold inventory becomes expensive to sit on and they’re forced to either take a loss or sell it below the advertised price. Dealerships don’t want sell it at a loss, so they’re happy to make deals on SUVs to keep sales coming in. They want you as a customer!

Getting the Best Price on Your New SUV

So how do you get the best price on a new SUV? The first thing you’ll want to do is take a few minutes to compare online advertised deals. You should never pay the the prices on TV or the MSRP on the SUV’s window sticker. Some dealers and SUV manufacturers offer online only specials and incentives so it’s critical to begin researching the new SUV deals being advertised online before you ever step foot or a call a dealership.

Find A Dealership With An “Internet Sales” or “Fleet Manager”

After you’ve done your research on all the best SUV deals advertised online, it’s important to speak to the right person at the dealership on the phone before you walk in. If you walk into a dealership or call a dealership’s normal sales department, the salesmen are typically commissioned heavily which means your SUV will cost you more!

However, dealerships that sell a lot of volume have larger and more diversified staff who are incentivized differently like internet sales or fleet managers. They work less on commission and more on volume as they field the incoming website and brokered leads. These internet sales or fleet managers are willing to sell the SUV for less because they make more money by selling volume versus the standard sales rep on the floor. They can be the key to a great deal on a new SUV.

So once you identify the SUV you’re interested in, you’ll want to call the dealership and ask to speak with the “Internet Sales Manager”. If they say they don’t have one, ask if they have a “Fleet Manager”. If they don’t have a Fleet Manager, just hang up and call a different dealership. Smaller dealerships typically don’t have a lot of wiggle room on pricing of their unsold inventory and won’t be as inclined to discount. So if they don’t have Fleet or Internet Sales Manager, we suggest you hang up and call another dealership that has one.

What You Need To Do Now

If you’re in the market for a new SUV, the first thing you must do is research the current specials being advertised online. Don’t take the TV advertisements word for it. Internet online specials (as well as internet sales or fleet managers at the dealerships) can save you a ton of money. You just need to begin your search online for the best deal and then when you begin contacting dealers, ask to speak to the “Internet Sales” or “Fleet Manager” to make sure you are getting the best price available.