Why Now Is The Best Time to Take A Cruise

Why Now Is The Best Time to Take A Cruise

2020 has been stressful to say the least – with 2021 now here, wouldn’t you love to be relaxing somewhere right now holding one of those tiny umbrella drinks? That doesn’t have to be a pipedream. It can be your reality with a little bit of planning and research. Because of the economic slowdown, there has literally never been a better time to check for prices of unsold cruise cabins. There are plenty of options and a ton of savings out there if you do enough research.

You might think that there’s no way you could afford a cruise…But now it’s easier than ever to get a great deal thanks to the growing supply of cruise ships – and the shrinking demand for cruises.

Why Is Now The Best Time to Take A Cruise?

Over the past few years, cruise companies have spared no expense and literally invested billions of dollars in awe inspiring super ships.1 Unfortunately for the cruise companies (but luckily for you), it seems like they have timed their expansion badly! Because of the recent economic slowdown, cruise ships haven’t been handling as many passengers. As many as 1 million less people traveled on cruises in 2017.2 Because ships don’t always fill up, savvy travelers can now enjoy these formerly “once-in-a-lifetime” cruises at insanely affordable prices.

How does up to 70% off3 the brochure price sound? Believe it or not, it’s possible by searching for these deals. Because there is a new huge supply of rooms on mega-ships, but a low demand for cruises – you get a good price on the vacation of a lifetime.

How Do These Discounts Work?

Running a cruise ship has huge overhead!Ships need to be stocked with tens of thousands of dollars in food. Your waiters, entertainers, crew, and captain all need to be paid their salaries. Not to mention, cruise companies already have a lot of money tied upfront by building these super-ships. Because of the huge costs involved in building and operating today’s luxury ships, cruise lines want their ships to sail with as few empty cabins as possible.

Most cruise lines don’t want to widely advertise how low they’re willing to price their cabins… But in order to get every cabin booked, sometimes they have to lower prices. So to save money and get the cruise of your dreams, you just need to do some homework! Cruise companies need to fill their remaining empty cabins before their ships depart.

Even selling a cabin at a discount prevents the cruise company from losing money…That’s why you can find so many great cruise deals when you know the right places to look.

Why Aren’t People Cruising?

There are a few main reasons people are taking fewer cruises:

  • The economy
  • Cruises haven’t mastered the Millennial market

Even though we’re out of “The Great Recession” were experiencing a downturn in 2020 and things haven’t recovered…US economic growth has slowed down significantly several times since 2008. There were slowdowns in:

  • 20114
  • 20124
  • 20144
  • 20154
  • 20175
  • 20205

With that rocky road, not many people feel confident buying luxuries like cruises… Which helps you get great deals on cabins.

On top of a bumpy economic ride, the cruise industry has struggled to get Millenials interested.6 This is increasingly becoming a problem for cruise companies because Millennials are the biggest buying cohort in America today.7Luckily, the cruise company’s loss is your gain – because now you can take the vacation of a lifetime at a fraction of the cost.

Where Will You Go?

Now you know why there’s never been a better time to go on a cruise, so set sail for adventure!